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Working and Employment opportunities in New Zealand

New Zealand, home to 4 million people, has a market economy based on global trade. It has a small manufacturing industry and a mature high-tech sector, New Zealand also a substantial energy industry based on hydroelectric dams and large reserves of natural gas but its major industries remain tourism and agriculture.

The main exports from New Zealand are dairy products, wool and meat; it also trades wood, fruit, vegetable and fish with the rest of the world. Whilst economic liberalisation has led to greater foreign investment it is still highly dependent on the fortunes of its major trading partners in Australia, Asia and Europe.

The recent success of the Lord of the Rings films has drawn public attention to the great natural beauty of the country and the government will be hoping this translates into real benefits to the economy at large. Its export business is beginning to recover from the world recession of the past few years and once again this Southern gem is looking to expand its global horizons.
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